What we do

With the extensive experience gained in reputable law firms and major corporations, our lawyers are distinguished by their business approach to the needs of their clients. The values that guide us in our daily practice are based on an individual approach to problems of each client, the utmost care and quality as well as openness and full commitment in ensuring optimal legal solutions for our clients. We represent our clients in court cases and act on their behalf in proceedings before authorities and public institutions. We propose to you find out how we could be useful and what we could do for you



Our Technology and Intellectual Propery practice group is dedicated to maximizing the value of the strategic relationships of our clients to investments in intellectual property, assist them in various stages of technology transactions, and counsel them on various matters arising out of ever increasing importance of technologies and the emergence and rapid growth of digital world, information-based economy and networked society.

Our areas of focus include:

  • Patents
  • Copyrights and trademarks
  • Technology transfer and technology transactions
  • Electronic transactions
  • Privacy and data protection and cybersecurity

We regularly assist our clients in registration of patents and trademarks with patent and trademark authorities in Uzbekistan. We prepare and file patent applications, evaluate patent portfolios and existing patent technology licenses and structure in-house IP protection processes. We advise on the matters of local legislation on privacy, data sharing, electronig signatures and electronic documents. We also oversee the interests of our clients in a variety of business transactions, such as licensing trade secrets, software and other technology; drafting development arrangements; and addressing the intellectual property aspects of employment and consulting arrangements, including confidentiality and noncompetition provisions. 
We advise on the matters of local legislation on privacy, data sharing, electronig signatures and electronic documents. 
Our awyers assist with the assessment, revision and development of privacy and cybersecurity policies, compliance with regulatory and industry-specific issues. We also work with clients on cybersecurity audits and liability analysis.